OneDJ for iPhone

Let’s Enjoy DJ by OneDJ.

OneDJ is a professional DJ app. With OneDJ and using your music library in the iPhone, you can enjoy playing DJ anytime, anywhere. The multi-touch user interface is designed as to operate comfortably in one screen, and you can use the same functions by the same operation as a real DJ device. DJ beginners can easily play DJ using various functions.

Parts Features for iPhone
This section describes the parts features in the screen.

Touch Gestures
You can control various functions by your touch gestures.

Possible Monitor

Connecting a headphone and a speaker to iPhone, the speaker outputs the master sound, and from the headphone, you can monitor the sound that DJing requires for the next mixing.

How to Monitor Sound with Split Output
You can monitor the output sound with the split output.

Load Music Library

When your iPhone has songs managed by your iTunes, you can choose and load any songs just like operating iPod.

How to Load Song
You can load any songs from your own music library.

Real User Interfaces

Using the multi-touch user interfaces, you can run useful and various functions for DJ playing. Also, you can scratch and spin the Turntable just like touch control of a real DJ device.

Record DJing

You can record your DJing sound on OneDJ. The recorded sound is saved as a file, and using File Sharing of iTunes, you can save it on your computer.

How to Record DJing
You can record your DJing sound.

Auto Analyze Beat

A beat and a BPM of the loaded song are automatically analyzed, but analysis results are not always accurate. In that case, you can set a beat manually using the Beat Setting Panel. You can also sync a tempo of the loaded song with one button using the setting beat.

Playback Controls

Control playback of a loaded song by various ways. Using the Cue Button or Hot Cue Button, you can set a cue-point, and then play from there. Play looping using the Loop Panel, or change a playback speed using the Tempo Fader.

Adjusting Playback by Pitch Bend


OneDJ is equipped with mixing functions required to mix. Mix an output sound using the Crossfader or Channel Fader, and adjust a sound quality of a song by the 3-band Equalizer.