We Released DJ App’s “OneDJ for iPhone”

March 1, 2015. We started selling DJ app’s “OneDJ for iPhone” from the App Store to all over the world.

OneDJ is a professional DJ app. With OneDJ and using your music library in the iPhone, you can enjoy playing DJ anytime, anywhere. The multi-touch user interface is designed as to operate comfortably in one screen, and you can use the same functions by the same operation as a real DJ device. DJ beginners can easily play DJ using various functions.

About Campaign

As “OneDJ for iPhone” announcement memorial, “OneDJ for iPhone” is sold for $0.99 from the regular price $1.99 until March 31, 2015.

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We Released DJ App’s OneDJ Ver. 2.0.0 for iPad

June 1, 2014. We released DJ App’s OneDJ Ver. 2.0.0 for iPad from the App Store, a free update for existing users of OneDJ.

OneDJ Ver. 2.0.0 is redesigned, and added Effects and Key-lock, Filter, a new various functions. You can enjoy the DJing more.

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